Our Eastern/Western Zodiac philosophy just like our premium Vodka bridges a global community curated just for you. Just as our Award-winning spirit, Tap into all the good luck or Good “Jiu-Jiu” the world has to offer. We did not make this collection exclusive, in fact, it’s for everyone to join…However, we did make it premium.

Some benefits of our NFT:

RSVP Access to our Global Events Starting June 22nd, 2022
Automatic Free Giveaways, Prizes, EVERYTIME you purchase a Jiu Jiu Bottle
Free Digital Version of the bottle for use in the upcoming iNTRO Metaverse
An Annual Birthday Gift with Free Delivery
A community of Global Citizens who appreciate a premium drink from the freshest spring waters in New Zealand, Bottled to perfection with 22.5 Karat Gold, Served straight to you in any setting with activation lights to set the mood for any occasion

Come celebrate with us as we celebrate your individuality.

Always Drink Responsibly

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*Subject to Availability

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