Welcome to the iNTROVERSE – our second iteration is live! Oculus Quest 2 is required to access the iNTROVERSE in this version. Take a look around at the start of our decentralized virtual world as we build it from the ground up. 

Members will be able to access iNTROVERSE [Version 2.0] for a sneak peek into the possibilities: buying + selling digital real estate, limited edition NFT drops, personalized avatars, and exclusive access to virtual events. They will also have the opportunity to explore galleries of digital assets, while transacting with our iNTRO TOKEN built securely on the Ethereum blockchain.

Download the file + access the iNTROVERSE using Oculus Quest 2. Stay tuned for fully loaded versions with AR capabilities and ability to purchase digital land and assets. 

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